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Education Equality

“Education is the great equalizer,” said American educational reformer Horace Mann.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused many students to suffer a two-to-three-year decline in academic achievement. The closure of schools seriously impacted their social and emotional development, and academic growth. This is especially true in underfunded schools lacking the resources to provide a high-quality education. Our students with learning disabilities and special needs often suffer the most from a lack of these resources.

Because of this lack of resources our children are being left behind academically and leaving school with the bare minimum in education when they should instead be encouraged and provided with opportunities to train in high-earning fields and tech positions.

Additionally, parents are being left out of their children’s academic journeys. Parents should have a choice in the school that their children attend, and a say in their children’s curriculum and educational materials. It is time to return to a traditional learning system focused on academics, rather than pushing subjects such as gender theory and LGBTQ studies, which factor in so many variables.

Gender and sexual orientation are individual personal preferences and not something to be taught in school. Let’s get back to basics and provide the children of our community with an academic education that will give them the tools to thrive in a competitive workforce. It is through education that a low-income community can prosper and rise out of poverty.

I will propose that all schools initiate and implement interventions and strategies to improve this academic decline. We must fund specialized tutoring, and professional development for teachers, to allow all students to maximize their learning potential.

Together we the people achieve more than any single person could ever do alone.

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